Children’s center

TUFF KIDS was donated the Masonic lodge in Cleveland Texas, and intends to use it to build a local children’s center. We will have a classroom and offer free classes to the children, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Microsoft 365, cPanel, WordPress, Pro Tools, basic cabling, CCTV, and various forms of cloud computing. We are also interested in the possibilities of using aquaponics to raise fish, fruits, and vegetables, to help feed the needy in our area.

We are planning an audio/video production center, complete with green screen. In this area we will have vocal isolation booths for professional grade recording, all controlled by a master sound panel and Pro Tools. Using these skill sets, software and hardware we will offer online advertising for select donors. When completed our facility will be the most advanced audio/video production system in our area. We will be able to aid local businesses with their online presence, and marketing, while we teach needed life skills to the youth, to help them prepare for the future.

Building update 1-29-2022

Building update 2-24-2022

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Tuff Kids has partnered with Save the Children, Rotary Club of Cleveland, Liberty County AgriLife Extension, and Austin Memorial Library to share with you the amazing benefits of early childhood literacy. If you have children or grandchildren younger than kindergarten register them for this awesome reading program today.

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